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Rybelsus UK

Rybelsus UK

Rybelsus is a once-daily tablet containing Semaglutide. It has clinically proven efficacy against weight loss and a recommended weight loss treatment option by the medical experts at Weight Loss Remedy.


Rybelsus UK

Rybelsus UK is an oral (tablet) prescription medication used to treat and manage Type 2 Diabetes and is prescribed off-label for the treatment of weight loss. The active ingredient is Semaglutide which mimics the action of one of your body’s natural hormones (GLP1). It contains the same ingredient as Ozempic, which is a once-weekly injection. Unlike the injections, Rebelsus is a tablet that is taken once daily. For the treatment of weight loss, Rybelsus is suitable for those with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 and over (or 27-30 with weight-related comorbidity) and must be taken alongside a healthy diet and exercise regime to see the full benefits.

Multiple clinical studies have found patients on Rybelsus lose up to 10% of their body weight, after around 52 weeks of treatment. Patients also saw significant reductions in waist size and other measurements. Rybelsus uk

Important to note that oral semaglutide (Rybelsus UK ) has not been approved as a form of weight loss medication as of yet. If you have any concerns or queries – get in touch with us and one of our experts will be happy to help. Rybelsus UK

Where Can I Buy Rybelsus UK?

You can buy Rybelsus (semaglutide) online from Weight Loss Remedy with next-day delivery. it also includes free consultation by our healthcare professionals. Prescription will be generated and delivered to you by tracked delivery.

The sooner you start your journey with Weight Loss Remedy, the sooner you will see results.

Who Can Use Rybelsus UK?

The weekly weight loss jab is suitable for those with a BMI above 30 (or 27 with a weight-related co-morbidity). After you complete your online consultation you will be assessed by the prescriber who will take into account factors such as your BMI, your medical history, current medication, etc.
Semaglutide will NOT be suitable and will not be prescribed if you fall into one of the categories below:

  • Under 18 or above 75 years of age
  • If you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or actively trying to get pregnant.
  • Anyone with a family history of thyroid tumors or thyroid cancer
  • Type 1 diabetics or patients taking diabetic medication
  • Kidney problems
  • Dehydration